The story of Seriah Grimtide, maiden name, Seriah Gilder.

Seriah was a hopeless romantic and vivid dreamer. She constantly felt something was missing from her life, like she had passed up a chance to fullfill a great purpose, missed her chance to go adventuring, or at least anything more than she what she was. Her father, a man of loose morals and fewers virtues, had lost his family business as a gilder and squandered the small fortune left to him, gambling and drinking it away until he was forced to take up a menial position at a Tannery. That misfortune left Seriah with few options. She could follow her father and hope to achieve a position of greater merit, or sell her attractive features as a waitress.. or worse. Wanting to follow a path of virtue, she struggled trying to make a place for herself, laboring over the foul tannery vats. She never abandoned her dreams of a better life though. Indeed, she was a very good dreamer. She began having strange dreams.. of a far away forest, a peaceful place, and a soul that loved her very much. It was hard for her to make any sense of the dreams, and soon she stopped trying, just letting herself free to experience the emotional and passionate feeling thats would overwhelm her every night. After she realized she’d rather not wake up to her life as it was, she made a crucial decision… to live free.. or die. Leaving her life behind, she fled to follow her dreams.

As she travelled, she found that it was easy to live off the land. Somehow, she knew. Small feelings tugged at her, telling her which parts of which plants she could eat, leading her to avoid dangers, guiding her with small whisps of memory from her experiences in a dreamworld. She accepted that something was guiding her. A kind diety ? She didn’t try to guess, simply happy to follow her heart.

She came to a forest, following strangely familiar trails, until there were no more trails, and going deeper yet, until she finally came to a small rocky hill that would have looked out of place, except for the deep feeling that it was what she sought. On the side of the hill, a wide spring bubbled up from the ground, topped by light wisps of steam. It was warm to the touch. A crevice in the hill broke into a cozy cavern. The floors were even, offering to difficulty to traversing the few small rooms of the cavern. She realized, she was home.

Immediately, Seriah went for a swim, closing her eyes and relaxing in the warm water, letting her old life wash away, and embracing her new life, peaceful and free. She felt loving hands embrace her. She’d had this dream before, and though she still felt awake, she had no desire to open her eyes, fearful the dream might slip away. She had long ago given her heart to her dreams. She sighed and opened herself to her dreamlike lover, eager for its affections. It had never felt so real in her dreams before, but she was home now, and life would be good. She made love with her dreams.

She awoke, her head resting against a soft moss covered rock at the shore of her cavern, and began her new life. The comforts and luxuries the forest offered her were infinite. Anything she desired was there, a gift, waiting for her if only she expended the most minimal effort to obtain it. She had everything she ever wanted. After a month of living in the wealth of the wilderness, she found she was pregant. She had never lain with a man before, saving herself for a prince charming she could never meet. She didn’t know where the baby came from, but it would be hers, and she knew she would love it.

After many months of pregnancy, when providing for herself became difficult, she found a bounty laid at the foot of her cavern. Every morning, there was a wealth of food… fruits, berries, fish, and flavorful herbs…. and sometimes other treasures… the rarest flowers along with beautiful stones and crystals… tokens of affection, from her dreamlike lover.

When she finally went into labor, she met the father.. her dreamlike lover… her dream. The spring outside her cave had come in to hold her, calm her, and help her through her labor. He was a water elemental. She was finally beginning to understand. She knew others would think it odd.. but there were no others in her world, and she loved her new life, and her lover, and her son. She named him Rieman, after a heroic prince in a story she had read.

Knowing her lover was real now, she tried to communicate. It was difficult at first, but she never felt frustrated, she had all the time in the world and a beautiful son to keep her company. Slowly, she learned the primordial language, and then learned how their lives had changed so wonderfully. Two lonely souls, connected by their dreams. She had found him, and they were no longer lonely now. She took his name, translated to Common, as her human surname. She was now Seriah Grimtide. They raised their son, and gave him a human name, Rieman Grimtide

About the father (water elemental names change, flowing with their lives, but parts of them remain constant, timeless):

Translated to Common, the father’s name is Grimtide who Walks the Forest and Loves a Human. Grimtide left his home, like Seriah, to escape a life he didn’t want. His bretheren served a dark race of cruel humanoids that lived below the sea and attacked those who sailed above. Grimtide did not wish to fight and left. He was curious about the other creatures in the world, and sought them out, eventually finding his place deep in a peaceful forest. He was a spirit of calm water. He was a spirit with a warm heart. When his mind touched a kindred soul in a world of dreams, he drew her to his perfect home, and showed his love for her. Though their souls and hearts could understand each other, it was hard to understand the creature she was. Learning was slow, but he did learn, and awoke himself for her, and for his son.

About the son

Rieman Grimtide grew up with love parents, deep in their forest home. His mother would share with him stories she remembered from the books she read, and teach him about the forest and the ways of living things. His father would share with him timeless knowledge, offering a deeper understanding of how things live and grow. Naturally, he follows the path of the Warden, putting to use the virtues and knowledge his parents could impart upon him. His parents have no desire to return to the societies from which they fled, but they do wish for him to see the world, and so have inspired him and given gentle nudges to get him to go out on his own to explore. Hes made several trips to the nearest villages (which are still quite far) to learn to interact with others. Comming from a perfect world, he quickly realizes the flaws of mortal men, and its only natural that he would join with others to help make their world a better place.


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