Kokia School for the Gifted

The Kokia School for the Gifted is a semi-prestigious school that over the past century has become renowned for the great number of famous adventurers, high wizards, leaders, athletes, and generally exceptional individuals that have come out of it. The school charges no tuition, and is entirely funded by private contracts to enlist the help of its students. The arrange provides valuable experience to the students and keeps the school well funded. That arrangement also allows the school to discriminate by taking gifted individuals rather than considering wealth. Many of the students are orphans without a copper to their name. Others come from all walks of life, all the way up to Tellevian princes. Students coming to the school are must leave their previous lives behind, bringing nothing. Everything you need is to be provided by the school. Visits to family are allowed around certain holidays, but for the early years of training, students are shut off from the rest of the world.

Head Mistress:
  • Kokia


  • Rumpah
  • Juzzle
  • Brosk
  • Culel
  • +more


  • Kanna
  • Brisbane
  • Athena
  • Vesper
  • +more

Kokia School for the Gifted

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