Chalirion Prime


In a world, floating in the mysterious luminous ether of the known universe, civilization clings to the landmasses of Chalirion. Three continents held in empty space by forces unknown, two connected by Chilirion’s Spine, a massive bridge born of legend with a third lost continent recently discovered floating far below the rest. The civilized races of the world fight a desperate battle for survival against the chaos born of the extraordinary and uncontrolled magic that pervades the universe.

Great battles have been fought and civilization has prevailed. Much of the known world has been tamed and people live peaceful lives under the combined leadership seated in the great city of Spire at the center of the only ocean. Not everyone can rest though, there is much world left to be tamed and the infinite magics of the universe will eventually bring new dangers to Chilirion. The world will always need heroes !

Technology: Steampunk & Magic

Technology has advanced during times of peace and intense warfare and has experienced several sharp declines proceeding large scale catastrophes. Currently, technology has advanced to the point of what can be described as the ‘steampunk’ genre. Complicated mechanical constructions including automotans and airships are not uncommon. Firearms exist, typically up to the point of six shooters and breach loading rifles with automatic weapons being the coveted and carefully protected possession of secretive factions. While technology is not uncommon, it is not necessarily common either. Most of the world lives fairly simply (as per a typical D&D setting) and sword wielding infantry are still the major muscle in most armies.

Significant Historical Events: The kind of thing everyone knows

100 years ago: Devils from a neighboring hell plane managed to set up a foothold on Chalirion East. After establishing a strong foothold, a tremendous portal was opened, allowing the devil led armies to invade and establish supply lines. Armed with considerably more advanced air fleets and weaponry, the devil led forces were able to cross the continental gap and execute a near surprise attack on the west. Spire held and coordinated defenses, but with little time to coordinate defense, the battle was destined to lose. A small band of heroes managed to open a portal to a hell plane, and by traversing several planes, locate the great portal. Not expecting an attack from their own plane, the guard on the portal was light, and the heroes managed to shut down and render inoperable the portal. The devils were unable to restablish the portal in time to preserve their attack force. Cut off from supply lines, the attack on the west soon weakened as was pushed back. Through a combined striked, the devil footholds in the east were then purged. Betting that the devils were not done, a counter attack was prepared and when the devils finally reopened their portal, a great battle was fought that pressed back into the devil’s hell plane and broke their power to wage war.

Minor and moderate invasion attempts deflected

2800 years ago: The lich lord Mandrogan comes to power in the east and sweeps the lands with his undead hordes. The first empress joins forces with one of Mandrogan’s commanders to usurp the dark lord and preserve the lands. The first empress founds Spire, and the lich lord’s defecting commander Thalamon founds Dreadspire in the east.

2900 years ago: Bridge construction is complete and bridge is finally deployed. Eastern continent proves to be more hostile than imagined. Inhospitable deserts, undead hordes, savage races, and monstrous beasts resist diplomatic efforts.

3000 years ago: Great wizards of the west conceive of bridge connecting the distant eastern continent in hopes of opening new lands for expansion. Efforts begin.

6000 years ago: Races of the west unite to turn invasion by a deity, Jinthor.

7000 years ago: Tremendous war between the races leaves behind ruins of great cities and littered battlegrounds

14000 years ago: Cataclysmic event shatters the world, creating east and west Chalirion and unleashing extraordinary magic in the cosmos.

Chalirion Prime

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